Fun games developing confidence with mathematics.

Based on the Australian mathematics curriculum and designed to suit the curriculums of the U.S.A., Canada and England.

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Parents, our Majors section teaches what you need to know, so you may help your child learn mathematics!

Building mathematical confidence so they try harder and take risks!

When students believe in themselves they become more confident to try new ways to solve problems. With confidence, if they don't get it right the first time, they are more likely to try harder and less likely to give up. This is why confidence is so important in learning mathematics!

Developed over a 10-year period, with help from over one-hundred teachers, The Super Challenge is an essential tool for your child or student to reach their full potential learning mathematics. We have developed the most effective teaching methods, giving your child or student a better understanding of mathematics while building their self-esteem and confidence so they are more willing to learn. The Super Challenge games are aligned with the mathematics curriculums of Australia, the U.S.A., Canada and England. They include the Metric, Imperial and US systems plus currencies of all four countries.

Parent feedback

“Any parent who has a child struggling with mathematics should have this program. It teaches exactly what they are learning in school. My daughter is now happier to learn, and her grades have improved dramatically.”

The Super Challenge is your complete mathematics learning-kit for students of all levels of ability between the ages of 4 - 12 years. The games and worksheets have been designed to accompany and enhance all classroom lessons, homeschooling, remote learning and tutoring. The games are full of encouraging words and positive affirmations, building confidence and a willingness to learn. We break the "block" many students have by eliminating the fear and by helping students undestand "why" we need mathematics.

Parent feedback

“My son is no longer afraid of mathematics, at one stage he simply refused to try. Now he has more confidence and doesn’t give up as easily.”

Keeping a student engaged is one of the most important steps in the learning process. After visiting thousands of schools and recording information, we have designed the games around topics students identify with and are most interested in. They are designed using both imaginative stories and everyday practical situations relevant to a student’s age. This includes the language used and most importantly the correct level of difficulty. Too hard or too easy and a student will lose interest. This type of extensive research is not readily available to teachers. They simply don’t have the time. Now this information is available to you. All our research is incorporated into our program.

Teacher feedback

“One of the boys usually has quite difficult behaviour to manage and he worked solidly and was totally engaged...It is a testament to the type of activities...that gave him the confidence to just have a go and ask if he needed help.”

Teacher feedback

“My students are more interested in problem solving now.”

All of our games are based on the mathematical concepts specified in the Australian curriculum. Many teachers assign the games and worksheets as homework to gauge students abilities, revealing areas needing more attention. Now you can too. The games show you those areas your child may need to focus on.

Teacher feedback

“It revealed that I need to do some more spatial awareness work with my class, as it is clear that all the work on number has paid off at the cost of other areas, so a change in focus for a few days is in order!”

Each game comes with a worksheet, used by teachers in their lesson plans. The Super Challenge is a complete mathematics teaching-kit for any parent. All your child needs to learn is included within the games and the worksheets. You can rest assured you are teaching the same concepts as teachers in the classroom.

There are over 200 games that are safe and secure with no information sharing and no popup advertising. There are no ongoing fees, just a one-off affordable membership giving you access for 12 months from the date of joining. So start your child or student on their confidence building experience by joining now.